Solutions in geoscience - from the micro to the regional scale

MCC Geoscience offers a unique expertise to the exploration and mining industry, providing solutions from the micro to the regional scale. Decades of experience in applied geology, mineralogy, geochemistry, and tectonics are available to assess existing projects or to generate new ones.

    Experience at the micro scale includes:

  • Rock and mineral identification using first principles (petrographic microscope)

  • In-situ mineral chemistry and beneficiation (microprobe, SEM-EDS, QEM-scan, XRD)

  • Rock and mineral isotope and trace element geochemistry (stable, radiogenic, REE)

  • Specialties in diamond and indicator mineral morphology and size frequency distribution

    For project-scale programs, the expertise extends to:

  • Review of historical exploration and assessment data

  • Due diligence of acquisition opportunities

  • Design and management of sampling and drilling programs

  • QA/QC assessment of sampling, drilling and early-stage PEA data

  • Compilation and qualified person of NI 43-101 reports

  • Desk-top studies for generative programs

Resolving unique challenges in exploration and early-stage assessment projects is the forte of MCC Geoscience.