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  • Dr. McCandless is a world-recognized authority in the field of diamond and kimberlite indicator morphology. His expertise with indicator minerals has contributed to the discovery of new kimberlite fields in southern Africa, and to the discovery of the Renard kimberlites, Quebec’s first diamond mine.

  • Diamond morphology is also important to assess in the early stages of kimberlite testing, particularly in microdiamond test results and small tonnage bulk sampling. At these early stages, stone counts are often too low to be statistically significant and size frequency distribution should not be the only avenue for economic assessment.

  • As larger samples are collected, diamond morphology become a critical component of economic assessment. Diamond breakage from processing of kimberlite can only be adequately be assessed through morphological study, combined with size frequency analysis.

  • Dr. McCandless has been studying diamond and indicator mineral morphology for over three decades